North Light have made over 50 horse models. There were three artists involved over the years and at different times in the making of the horses - Anne Godfrey and John Stanbridge till about 1990, and Paul Smith in the 1990's.

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North Light Horses listed with Catalogue Numbers

P1100 - Gelding

P1101 - Arab Stallion

P1102 - Lipizzaner Stallion

P1104 - Heavy Horse

P1106 - Racehorse

P1107 - Horses Head

P1112 - Welsh Mountain Pony 

P1121 - Resting Mare

P1123 - Child Rider 

P1124 - Pony Stallion

P1125 - Pony Mare

P1126 - Shire Stallion

P1127 - Shire Foal

P1128 - Shetland Foal

P1129 - Arab Foal

P1130 - Small Shire

P1131 - Grazing Foal

P1132 - Shire Mare

P1140 - Donkey Jennet

P1141 - Donkey Foal

P1144 - Show Jumper

P1145 - Arabian

P1146 - Clydesdale

P1147 - Hanoverian

P1148 - Morgan

P1149 - Welsh A

P1150 - Suffolk Punch

P1151 - British Spotted Pony

P1152 - Broodmare & Foal

P1153 - Lying Foal

P1154 - Standing Foal

P1155 - Scratching Foal

P1156 - Hunter (with braided mane & tail) [Part TB same as the Hunter, but a loose mane and tail]

P1157 - Quarter Horse

P1158 - Irish Draught - Plaited (Warmblood - same as the ID, but a loose mane & tail)

P1159 - New Forest

P1160 - Shetland Pony

P1161 - Welsh Cob

P1162 - Cob

P1163 - Mule

P1164 - Lipizzaner - Levade 

P1165 - Norwegian Fjord

P1166 - Lipizzaner - Piaffe

P1168 - Lipizzaner - Capriole

P1169 - Grazing Mare

P1170 - Reclining Mare

P1171 - Percheron 

P1172 - Action Fell Pony

P1173 - Dartmoor Pony/Indian Paint Pony

P1174 - Tennessee Walker

P1175 - Huntsman (Mounted)

P1176 - Cart Horse (with with a rope halter and blanket/sack moulded on)

P1177 - Show Pony (Mounted)

P1178 - Friesian (Head up)

P1179 - Dressage - Piaffe

P1180 - Dressage - Levade

P1181 - Dressage - Half Pass

P1182 - Dressage - Canter Pirouette

P1190 - Friesian (Head turned) [Harness Horse]

P1191 - American Saddlebred

P1192 - Royal Storm (Rearing) [very large]

P1193 - Thoroughbred Head

P1194 - Arab Head

P1195 - Child on Pony (mounted)

P1196 - Yearling Scratching

P1197 - Pony Hunter (same as 'Show Pony but with no rider)

P1198 - Shire on the Move / Farm Horse

P1199 - Rearing Horse

P1208 - Rearing Mustang

P1209 - Quarter Horse

Limited Editions

LE 5069 - Andalusian "Valarosa" on Base (and off base) [there were 2 types of base]

LE5070 - The Thoroughbred on Base

LE5071 - Leaping Horse "Cavort" jumping a wall (on base)

LE5075 - Rolling Horse

LE5076 - Lipizzaner "Levade"

LE5077 - Lipizzaner "Piaffe"

LE5085 - Eventer on Base

LE5086 - Knight (on base)

LE5087 - Lady (on base)

LE5090 - Lipizzaner "Long Rein"

LE5091 - Lipizzaner "Levade with rider" (on base)

LE5092 - "Homeward bound" (on base)

LE5096 - Friesian

LE5102 - Farrier & Horse 

HCC 94 Lying Mare & Foal (NL Collectors Club piece)

Number? - "Inseparable" Girl and Pony laying down with a puppy (NL Collectors Club piece)

        Number? - Zebra/Quagga


        Mountain & Moorland Ponies:
        Dales - "Marchcroft Pirate King"

Dartmoor Mare - "Kirtly Ladybird"

Exmoor Stallion - "Jiminy Cricket"

Fell Stallion - "Wold Goldfinch"

Highland Mare - "Hashend Seabird"

Shetland - "Brindle Miranda"

Welsh Cob

Welsh Mountain Pony


Micro Minis (less than 2" high)







Lying Foal

Lying Mare & Foal

Heavy Horse


New Forest


Twin Horses (lying)

Welsh Cob

Welsh Mountain Pony


Other Horse Models:

        'Flying Horses' Wall plaques  - set of 3 ridden horses that you could hang on a wall as they were 'flat backed'
        "Arab Leading A Mare" on base - Arab boy running alongside a Arab Mare in bronze finish circa 1980
        "Shire Horse" on Base - Bronze Finish

Models were painted in a range of 'factory' colours but you could request a 'special order' from the North Light factory painted to your own specifications, the highly skilled painters would then paint detailed models from photos. Some of these are true works of art and highly collectable.   All models are now discontinued.